Having no goals or too many goals leads to a directionless company. Choose 3-5 goals for a clear direction to employees so that they can align/realign themselves to them.

Quick cheat sheet to consider:

  1. Setup 3-5 goals- reachable, flexible.
  2. Targeted key results -This can be yes or no questions to check progress of goals.
  3. Timelines – Add the time strain to ensure success of goals. What time is allocated to achieve your goals?
  4. Progress- Check the progress not annually but quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily will identify and guide people to see how their daily outcome is aligned to overall goals and if they are moving in the right direction or if the course of path needs to be revisited for a change.
  5. Stretch goals- In order to truly excel, adding stretch goals will give the extra push to people to come out of their comfort zone, think outside the box to exceed expectations.
  6. Honest and transparent – Open and transparent in feedback allows timely action if needed to move goal achievement in the right direction.
  7. Performance review- No more annual performance review but provide continuous feedback to employees and keep them motivated.

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