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 About Us

M2M Business Solutions is a Canadian firm and a leader in business consultancy with a human-centric approach. With a mission to transform our clients into ‘The Happy Organization’, we take pride in building a company environment that encourages a culture of inspired people, delivering value-driven customer experience and a focus on workplace innovation.

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique models to execute strategies and measure them to sustainability. Though we have grown since our founding, we are proud to continuously model our approach. Our approach and model has helped clients across 9 industries thrive during times of change. We are helping today’s companies reimagine processes through people’s eyes, realign with accountabilities and recognize to the metrics. For the better.

Headquartered in Mississauga, M2M’s team is spread in 4 countries, bringing diverse talent to serve our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to share the culture of happiness from our team to yours. Let us help make your visions a reality.

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Service M2M Business Solutions

We carefully consider your company’s needs, review existing systems, assess current market trends, and help you adapt to consumer ‘preferences’.
We offer our services virtually, online or in a hybrid manner.
We offer one-to-one and group consulting, advisory services, workshops, training and coaching.
We specialize in delivering-



Every customer is unique for us. We specialize in looking deep into their pain points to root cause the areas of opportunities, provide clear insights and measurable outcomes that justifies every single investment.
Continuous and sustainable improvement is our value add.
These are some of our client stories and case studies.


We work with companies ranging from size of USD 3m to USD 1b. Size is no bar to us.
We have experience in these 9 industries, and add more to our breadth every day.

Manufacturing & Warehousing
Food & Beverage
Logistics & Trucking
IT Managed & Distribution
Healthcare & Home-care Consulting
Finance & Insurance

Our Blog

Progress Over Perfection: An Important Leadership Quality

Strive for perfection. Be it school, university, first day of work, or career progress, this need for “perfection” is reinforced in everything we do. Even in our personal lives, as a child, spouse, or parent, perfect as a prefix is

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Our Founder, Kiran Mann, regularly contributes to the Forbes Coaches Council thought leadership in the form of articles. We are proud to present these articles to you.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“In reviewing the results of the implementation of the action plans of our Managers, we have seen them now making better decisions, settling SMART goals, tapping into the creativity of their teams, better managing their time, running more effective meetings and now focusing on achieving Gold Standard Customer Service.”

Grant R. Neal, Vipond Fire Protection

“The monthly follow up visits that you (Crestcom) hold are a tremendous benefit, not only as a reminder to the group, but for us first hand how our key management are utilizing the lessons with their people. We can see the message getting through the layers of management and people throughout the organization.”

Bud Morris & Luisa Loffreda, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures

“Aside from the economic returns, benefits include development of team work and use of common language. The experience enhanced trust and fostered openness. But the biggest return on our investment in Crestcom lies in the future as we cascade the training throughout our company and integrate it into our orientation and recruitment programs.”

Ellen McGregor, Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.

“We have had the benefit of using our new training every single month, and some of it every single day. We have added terms like “culture” and “values” to our daily vocabulary. We put that training to work by improving efficiencies, by better motivating our valued staff, by taking our customer satisfaction to a whole new level and by holding our staff accountable for their individual tasks.”

Crystal Cranch, Ivan B. Wallace Ltd.

“The strategy leveraged in class by Crestcom has positively influenced our junior managers as well as our senior leaders. Our team definitely values your monthly facilitation and I appreciate your support of our quarterly follow-up reviews to create a higher level of accountability with each of the personal action plans. The course is increasing both personal and professional awareness and accountability, which I feel is foundational to our future growth expectation from the Executive Board in Germany.”

Craig S. Smith, SICK