A lot has changed in the past two years with COVID-19 impacting our lives and changing us forever.

Businesses and leaders must reimagine the challenges they will face in 2022 &beyond and transform their responses to these challenges.

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Our approach to organizational Excellence

#Inspired Employees

Fostering a culture where every employee is treated exactly as you would like them to treat your best customers. Reward & recognise their efforts after proper measurement.

#Innovated Processes

Create an environment in your company where every employee, right from a front-line worker to leadership, is actively involved in thinking of innovative ideas.

#Delighted Customers

Transforming every touch-point with customers into an impactful moment of delight. Enabling your workforce with every process & tool required to give a satisfying experience to customers.

M2M supports every stage of the business lifecycle

We understand that no two companies are the same. Therefore, we employ very specific models and operating procedures to work on business expansion and efficiency for each organisation.

Stagnation Stage

You have been in business for a few years and found your niche. However, as a result, complacency in the system has resulted in arresting future growth plans.

If this looks familiar to you, your business is most likely stagnating. M2M will help you find and tackle fundamental issues along with implementing action plans to remove roadblocks.

We will look at all the key aspects, including:

  • Business Strategy and Resourcing Plans
  • Customer Engagement and Experience
  • People Capabilities for Delegation, Multitasking and Cross-sell
  • Technology Support and Digitization

Catastrophic Stage

Your company is suffering declining profits, lost customers, and cash flow issues. You are worried that you will not be able to shift into an optimistic growth phase in time.If you are somewhere along this path, then you need to move quickly. M2M will help you arrest the “bleeding” by revamping your organisational policies and processes.

In addition to a complete gap analysis for your cash flow issues, we will help you restructure areas such as:

  • Organization Structure and Operating Processes
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product/ Service Value Proposition
  • Resourcing and People Skill Gaps

Business Growth Stage

Your company has been around for several years. It is growing. However, issues in structure, processes or communication are shifting focus from long term expansion to daily firefighting on tactical issues.If you see this occurring, you are not alone.

Most companies will experience this phase at some point in their lifecycle. In the beginning, the attention is on sales, consumer loyalty, and a decent portion of the market share. Eventually with high growth demands, it can be hard to maintain a solid sustainable organisation, dependable processes, a stable structure, and alignment between people KPIs and company vision.

When you employ our services, we will help you concentrate on topics that will support your business growth and development. With our methodical and robust strategy, you can focus on what is important and get back on the road to success.


We approach these companies with much love and care, as they need the special attention to help them START RIGHT and MOVE FAST. We know that it’s the minute details and fine-tuning of plans and processes that propel start-ups from good to great!

Here are some of the areas that we can help you with:

Business Size-Up: You can concentrate on the technical aspects of your offering, while we map the industry, examine your competitors, and provide you with insights for creating lasting customer relationships.

Business Models & Plans: Using case studies, we highlight clarity of purpose, sound financials, and excellent marketing strategies.

Operating Plans: We help prevent kick-off pitfalls by improving operational procedures, and risk management techniques.

Business Structures: We support you in formulating your market and enterprise strategies in line with your vision. We provide helpful inputs to help you achieve synergies between resources, capabilities and milestones.

Organization Strategies: We assist you in formulating plans that allow you to make optimal decisions.

Talent Management: We help you focus on development of talent and leadership with relevant resources and experience, in keeping with our motto of “Growing People, Growing Business.”

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