In Episode 2 of our podcast, our host, Jenn DeWall speaks with talent management expert Kathleen Quinn Votaw. She is the president and founder of Talentrust. Talentrust is revolutionizing how companies find, keep and grow great people. After nearly two decades of earning accolades in the staffing industry, Kathleen determined that traditional models don’t always serve the best interest of clients, especially rapidly growing companies. She has vowed to disrupt the stagnant staffing and recruiting industry, and she is here to share with us the Talentrust 2019 hiring guide. The 2019 hiring guide highlights six key areas that you as a business leader and manager can focus on to overcome talent scarcity and find the right people. These key areas include Strategic HR, Culture and Brand, Engagement, Technology, Recruiting Imperatives and Social Enterprise. Join us for this informative episode and find out what might be missing from your recruitment and retention strategy.