Love is Just Damn Good Business – A Look Back at our conversation with Steve Farber

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This December, The Leadership Habit Podcast will be taking a look back at our first season and reflecting on all we’ve discussed so far. We picked out some of our favorite episodes from the past year to share with you. I hope you enjoy this look back and can’t wait to bring you more information and inspiration in the new year to come. This week Jenn picked Season One, Episode Nine: Love is Just Damn Good Business with Steve Farber. Steve is a bestselling author and member of our Crestcom faculty. Steve joined us to discuss his new book, Love is Just Damn Good Business and Jenn chose this episode because she really believes in his message, and they had a great time talking about it. Steve has such a refreshing take on customer service and how to love what you do and show that love to your clients. Jenn thought this would be a great topic to explore at such a busy time of year where love is so important to help us deal with our customers better and manage our employees. We can all benefit from a little more love.

Steve Farber is a Crestcom faculty memberbestselling author, speaker, and President of Extreme Leadership Inc. He is a subject matter expert in business leadership and one of Inc. Magazine’s global top 50 leadership experts. You can find Steve’s newest book: Love is Just Damn Good Business on Amazon. In addition to his latest book, he also is the author of three other great reads: The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge, and Greater than Yourself, that Jenn DeWall and everyone at Crestcom would highly recommend! You can also connect with Steve by going to his website at

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What’s Happening on Next Week’s Episode?

We hope you enjoyed this look back at our interview with Steve Farber and Love is Just Damn Good Business. Next week, Jenn will be taking a look back at her conversation with Aimee Cohen and how to overcome the Seven Deadly Sins that Sabotage your Success. This will be a great episode for those of you thinking about what major changes you want to make in the upcoming new year!