Decisions no matter how small can influence the bottom line.

Employee EngagementDecisions no matter how small can influence the bottom line. We provide an environment where people can create a culture of teamwork, continuous improvements and retention.

Our 12-months workplace essential skills program (one-full day/month) equips participants with essential skills to create a cultural shift from one that looks at problems and deficiencies to instead focusing on strengths and successes. We provide:

√ Tools for change, and strengthening relationships throughout your business.

√ The building of a culture of integrity and professionalism where communication and recognizing one another is practiced.

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The Program Flow

1. The Business Acumen – Business acumen involves seeing the big picture and understanding that any action, no matter how minor, has an effect on the bottom line. Participants can gain a better understanding of finances and operations. The one-day workshop will teach participants how to identify learning experiences, better handle risk, and improve their critical thinking skills.

2. The Business Ethics– It takes time and commitment to develop a Business Ethics programme, but it will do more than improve business; it will change lives. Participants can learn how the company’s ethics affect all aspects of operation, including interactions with clients, staff, vendors, and competitors.

3. Developing Corporate Behaviour– Employees will stand out and become leaders in the company if these qualities are aligned with organisational expectations. Your employees will see increased team building, collaboration, and confidence as a result of our workshop. By realising the benefits of corporate behaviour and developing a successful plan, participants should see an increase in teamwork and loyalty.

4. Customer Service – Internal and External– The workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. The participants will develop a strong skill set including in-person and over the phone techniques, dealing with difficult customers, and generating return business.

5. Customer Support in the Age of Digitization– Customer service today has expanded to include the internet, blogs, webchats, and even mobile applications. Long before a transaction is made, the consumer experience starts. Participants in our workshop will not only learn about potential opportunities in customer support services through the internet, but also how to take advantage of them..

6. Respect in the Workplace– A respectful work environment is crucial to the overall success of the team and the community. When we can embrace differences, we can also flourish as a community. It is vital to be reminded of this as well as to model it. It is the responsibility of everyone on the team to be polite and help each other, so that there can be a stable, conflict-free workplace. workshop will give you the tools and conversation to help empower your team to recognize behaviours that influence the performance done within the workplace.

7. Risk Assessment and Management– Identifying possible threats and dangers and incorporating them into day-to-day operations is critical. Through our workshop, you will be aware of hazards and risks you didn’t realize were around your workplace. Identifying the hazards through proper procedures will provide our participants with the ability to prevent that accident before it occurs.

8. Handling a Difficult Customer– Our workshop will teach participants how to handle stress, how to create rapport, and how to recognise certain body language. Participants who attend our workshop will see an improvement in customer support and efficiency, as well as a decline in dissatisfied customers.

9. Teamwork and Team Building– Having a good team benefits every company and increases the likelihood of success. The workshop will inspire participants to consider the various facets of a team and ways in which they can develop into a top-notch team performer. As a participant, you can learn the specifics and principles of what makes a team effective, as well as what factors contribute to becoming a successful team and team member.

10. Delivering a Constructive Criticism– Participants in this workshop will acquire valuable knowledge and skills that will aid in performing this challenging task. When an employee performs an act that warrants feedback or criticism, it must be delivered in a very precise manner. Constructive criticism enables the management to eradicate negative behaviours and cultivate well-rounded, efficient workers.

11. Change Management – A Smooth Transition – Managing change effectively is critical in every situation, and the participants will learn highly useful skills during this workshop. It will provide any leader with the skills necessary to execute changes with greater speed and acceptance. Additionally, this workshop will provide participants with an understanding of how change is implemented as well as some strategies for managing their own responses to change.

12. Appreciate Inquiry– Positive questioning will steer workers in a positive direction. Recognizing the strengths and ideals of what works in contrast to what does not work will change individuals and therefore, the company. Appreciative inquiry is a paradigm change away from challenges and shortcomings and toward strengths and achievements. Participants will transform the company through best practises and positive stories.

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