The Bullet Proof Manager

Leadership that is Nurtured through Implementation and ROI Measurement

It’s hard to find a reliable partner who can look at your current business issues objectively and help you achieve your goals. Any leadership training firm will provide a wide range of services and strategies to solve the company’s managerial challenges. What distinguishes M2M from the competition, however, is the breadth, depth, and sustainability of our offering.

If your goal is to change behaviours and enhance the leadership traits of your managerial staff, your return on investment and true success should reflect in this manner:

Breadth: Your managers and leaders exhibit the desired behaviours across a wide range of business scenarios, including complex and sensitive situations.

Depth: Their peers and family members have seen an improvement in their personal lives and appreciate their newly acquired traits.

Sustainability: The changed behaviours are permanent and long-lasting, and are not limited to the duration of the training program or intervention.

At M2M, our founder Ms. Kiran Mann personally witnessed this transformation since attending a programme by Crestcom International. In addition to new tools and approaches, the year-long program with monthly training sessions and debrief meetings helped her achieve tremendous success in her professional, as well as personal life. She brings this learning and valuable experience to every service offering at M2M.

We collaborate closely with our clients to truly understand their challenges and develop highly customized, quantifiable solutions. We promise visible, measurable and sustainable results that will justify your investment.

An Overview of the program

Crestcom’s year-long unique and interactive management and leadership development program is intended to benefit any participant for the rest of their career. These sessions will facilitate both their professional and personal effectiveness as leaders and managers in the long term.

We try to learn more about you, your company, your culture and your people. Through this session, our endeavour is to:

  • Know your strengths
  • Identify challenges and opportunities
  • Understand how and if we can help you
  • Introduce the Crestcom Leadership Skills Development program model
  • Discuss next steps

The Crestcom program has a very high potential to positively impact your company’s productivity and growth, delivering a solid ROI on the time and effort that you put into this intervention. M2M offers a no-cost, no-obligation, 2.5 hours-long complimentary session for you and your team, through which you will:

  • Get a sneak preview of how a monthly session runs
  • Discover valuable insights and practical management tools that have immediate application
  • Learn and practice new, improved behaviour that helps to enhance performance of your employees
  • Engage your teams by building ownership and accountability for a set of specific and measurable actions

This session will give you an opportunity to encourage buy-in within the team and make a collective decision about the program suitability and fit.

Once you sign up with us for the Crestcom Leadership Development Program, we will offer the newly enrolled participants a complete overview about the training program and process. The objective of the orientation session is to:

  • Build and Establish the Right Expectations: We introduce participants to the Crestcom formula of interactive training, action planning, implementation, and feedback. This gives them a leg up on what lies ahead and what they are going to have happen over the next months.
  • Prepare for the Journey Ahead: Participants will be educated on how to face and solve different challenges over the course of the year-long programme. They would be able to prevent common mistakes by developing and rehearsing action plans, practising with their fellow team members, and holding themselves accountable.

Participants go through an assessment for both, individual and team development, typically on 10 different leadership competencies:

  1. Drive for results
  2. Influence others
  3. Encourage excellence
  4. Develop positive relationships
  5. Foster innovation
  6. Building the right team
  7. Understanding the business
  8. Execute vision
  9. Develop customer focus
  10. Models personal growth

The competency assessment information remains between the participant and the Crestcom representative until the end of the program. It encourages students to identify their strengths and helps them to set goals during the year-long training programme. To gauge progress and ensure course correction if required, participants are re-assessed at the halfway point and again at the year’s end.

After the participants attend the live training session and create or work on their action plans, we hold monthly debrief meetings at your office to familiarize you with these action items. Participants showcase their plans, progress and any new initiatives that they are working on, and seek your collective feedback and inputs. As part of these meetings, the Crestcom representative facilitates an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and inputs and also focuses on holding all parties accountable for their committed actions within timelines.

Conducting the debrief session at your location:

  • Allows senior executives across functions to observe the work of their teams and tweak the plans, if necessary.
  • Acts as a support system for participants if they need to iron out hurdles or seek guidance from their seniors or the Crestcom representative.
  • Encourages clear communication, a supportive environment and collaboration between departments.
We are all about Flexibility, Consistence and Practicality

Accredited Crestcom facilitators perform a 4-hour long live learning session in different sites, locally and internationally, during the 12 consecutive monthly facilitated training sessions. Every month, all sessions concentrate on the same two subjects, enabling participants to attend the training in any of 60 different countries. They simply need to inform us of their travel or meeting plans, and we will accommodate them at their preferred venue.