Excited About a New Idea? Let M2M Help Bring it to Life.

If you think an exciting business idea backed by passion and hard work is all it takes to make the cut from good to great, think again! Past trends and conventional wisdom suggest that only 10% of new businesses survive the tough market conditions and competitive landscape, beyond a period of five years.

You may have an excellent business proposition, immense technical know-how and a tremendous amount of creativity; however, converting passion to profit requires a fool-proof business plan, starting from day zero. This is where M2M can step in. As part of our advisory and business consulting services, we work with budding, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs for the creation and execution of solid business plans.

Here are some of the areas that we can help you with:

Business Size-Up: You can concentrate on the technical aspects of your offering, while we map the industry, examine your competitors, and provide you with insights for creating lasting customer relationships.

Business Models & Plans: Using case studies, we highlight clarity of purpose, sound financials, and excellent marketing strategies.

Operating Plans: We help prevent kick-off pitfalls by improving operational procedures, and risk management techniques.

Business Structures: We support you in formulating your market and enterprise strategies in line with your vision. We provide helpful inputs to help you achieve synergies between resources, capabilities and milestones.

Organization Strategies: We assist you in formulating plans that allow you to make optimal decisions.

Talent Management: We help you focus on development of talent and leadership with relevant resources and experience, in keeping with our motto of “Growing People, Growing Business.”

It is the minute details and fine-tuning of plans and processes that propel start-ups from good to great!

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