Our Vision

At M2M, we strongly believe that investing in people and providing them with the right tools; processes and structures; frameworks and development opportunities is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. Our founder, Ms. Kiran Mann, brings to the table her cross-industry experience and aptly expresses this philosophy through our company’s vision: ‘Growing People, Growing Business’.

Our Mission

We are passionate about enabling aligned businesses from planning to people and processes with M2M’s “3Ps Methodology“,


focuses on bringing Clarity to Business Plans by translating your Vision to Strategies & Operational Actions that are measured and rewarded. We nurture and develop your managerial talent, and groom them into resilient, dynamic and successful leaders in an ever-evolving competitive landscape.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity –  We believe in doing the right thing with honesty, fairness and responsibility.
  2. Respect – We treat people the way they wish to be treated, and, not how we think they should be.
  3. Innovation – No idea is small, we encourage an environment of brainstorming and continuous improvement internally and for our customers.
  4. Accountability  – We hold our staff and organization accountable to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other.
  5. Communication – We believe in briniging clarity and be specific when communicating and listening.

Our Approach 

Our approach is simple—we assist clients in transforming their business by optimizing the true potential of their managers by providing them tools, processes, structures and training and developments. In our quest to create impactful leaders, it is our core values that guide us to:

  • Form exceptional partnerships with our customers and gain a solid understanding of their business goals and challenges.
  • Offer customizable, world-class, leadership development programs that can put businesses on the fast track to growth and success.
  • Focus on ‘made to measure’ people initiatives that add value to the business and impact the bottom line.
  • The goal of our leadership training and professional development programs is to ensure that participants learn the desired skills and are armed with the capabilities to implement this learning and become accountable for their contributions towards their organization. Our clients benefit from investing in their leaders with strong and steady ROI on training initiatives.

Why Choose Us

Any company, big or small, emerges successful, profitable and ahead of its rivals, only when it is led by great leaders. Whether it is managing teams, driving results, fostering innovation or making tough decisions, effective leaders must excel in several areas of work, to build high-performing businesses.

To help companies build the right competencies, navigate through turbulent times, and exceed the expectations of their stakeholders, M2M offers:

  • Consulting and advisory services that deliver results in business efficiencies, optimization and future growth.
  • Sustainable learning solutions that build and enhance relevant leadership competencies.
  • Transform belief systems and habits that help teams to align and contribute to the business’s vision and goals.
  • Visible, measurable results that allow companies to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) and strengthen their business case for investing in people.

Our Services

Often, our discovery conversations with clients bring to light a focus on products, service, infrastructure, vendor relationships, funding, and so on. While all of these are important, we strongly promote the approach to heighten an organization’s focus on people. “Anything you want to achieve is possible with your best people sharing your vision and goals. You cannot achieve anything without your people.” – Kiran Mann

Another essential aspect we encourage clients to think about is their business foundation comprised of their vision, mission, goals and values of the organization. Our strategic advisory and consulting services assess the strength of these foundational elements and identify the gaps that may need to be worked on for greater cohesiveness and measurable returns. “If it’s not made to measure, it will not add value.” – Kiran Mann

Business Consulting & Advisory – From small to medium enterprises, M2M focuses and delivers in :

  1. Business Growth & Optimization – Efficiencies & Productivity;
  2. Employee Engagement and Motivation – Upskill, develop individuals to strong, focused, visionary leadership with a purpose;
  3. Customer Loyalty and Retention;
  4. Ideas to Innovation;
  5. Succession Planning & Employee Retention.

At M2M, we bring clarity to your business plans & strategies; align your people by providing them with an organizational aligned structure. We enable your managers and leaders to truly personalize and internalize business goals with measurable targets and goals. We also assist them in formulating action plans and ensure that they take on accountability for their implementation. Moreover, we empower your leaders with enhanced tactical and strategic skills to deliver the desired business results.

Leadership Skills and Professional Development & Trainings – As part of the comprehensive and impactful Crestcom Leadership Development Program, we:

  • Facilitate monthly training sessions
  • Provide access to a secure Crestcom online learning portal
  • Oversee the creation of the team and individual development plans
  • Conduct periodic assessments and generate executive reports that monitor the action plans and measure progress
  • Coordinate debrief meetings where senior leaders can see visible results in the implementation and accountability of the teams’ action plans.

Ask us about our Complementary “Leadership Skills Development Workshop”. We want to make sure that your team has buy-in to learning and implementation of learning. Hence we bring to your boardroom our complimentary workshop so that you can test drive what our program offers and grab some tools along the way.

Professional Development & Training – We bring to you professional development and training programs that are solutions to the current market’s external challenges that your business is facing.

  • MWES Program (M2M Workplace Essential Skills Program) – Culture is key and often our customers ask how they can create a winning culture. MWES program (1 year) is an answer for our clients that are focused on introducing an innovative and motivational environment for their employees. With their lifelong learning, employees can develop and align the culture to their personal goals and their departmental target & overall company’s vision. These skills allow employees to bring clarity, find their right fit and attract the right fit even when there is a shortage of skills in the marketplace.
  • MPMS Program (M2M Project Management Skills Program) – MPMS program (6 months) is to support the employees that are directly or indirectly working in/on a project. Project leads and members are skilled technically to ensure projects are completed successfully, on time, within the budget and quality deliverables. This program is focused on supporting them with soft skills that allow them to achieve their results effectively and efficiently.
  • MSGM Program (M2M Strategic and Growth Mindset Program) – In today’s changing generational mix, MSGM Program 3 months) is focused to support businesses in developing upcoming managers/ successors from a tactful mindset to a strategic mindset. A day as a mind management personal can be quiet challenging while balancing the responsibilities for day to day operations and yet thing ahead strategically and aligning to senior management. This program develops the mindset skills to accomplish the balance between the two.
  • MCR Program (M2M Conflict Resolution Program) – MCR program (3 months) aims in ensuring team members are working in harmony. Effective conflict management is an essential skill for every leader and aspiring leader. Successful navigation of challenging conversation where emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical. Develop the skills required to assess, scope, and diagnose issues in a 360 environment, understand different personalities and implement a proven problem-solving approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results.

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